Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ted Stevens

It seems Alaska senator Ted Stevens's tube might be coming to an end. Ballot counts are showing that the incumbent was defeated by a margin large enough (1%) that anyone with a background in math would declare the election over. So in memory of his terms as a senator, here is Ted Stevens's series of tubes.

Why geeks turned the most accurate part of his diatribe into their battle cry against the technologically-neophytic senator, I don't know; I'd call it a web of tubes, but from a practitioner of the legal arts who wasn't versed in graph theory, close enough. There are plenty of other gems he spewed—"personal Internet" (what is this, an HP ad featuring alleged insider trader Mark Cuban?), "Internet was sent" (only if you're Google)—but engineers are left to troll the internet and letting pedantry ruin hateboys' fun. Sure, engineers hate his ignorance, but what's better than a tech punchline waiting to happen?

Photo by wheresmysocks

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