Saturday, November 15, 2008

Facial hair

Watching the Nova documentary Battle of the X-Planes with my mom and aerospace-engineer brother, we noticed a fashion sported by a solid 50% of the Palmdale CAD jockeys: the mustache (which gives a male-to-female ratio of roughly 15:1, but that was expected).

Part-time engineer Leonardo da Vinci, physicist Albert Einstein, communist and Linux fanboy Richard "Che" Stallman, and libertarian gun-nut Eric Raymond all have various forms of facial hair, and why not?  It saves time, prevents nicks and razor burn, and even enhances engineers' natural female-repellent abilities.

For those not ready to go all the way, there's the hipster beard—stubble—5-o'clock shadow for the olds.  It's not really something real engineers opt for, instead finding its way onto poseurs like Justin "I'm a Mac" Long and Kevin Rose.

Kevin Rose photo by MR "(O)"

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