Wednesday, December 3, 2008


What loves to sleep, works at night, and eats the same thing every day?  It's not just our friends the engineers, it's their pet cats.

Their popularity among the pocket protector crowd isn't just because engineers identify with them; what engineers love about cats is how practical of a pet they are, requiring only food, water, and a relatively clean litterbox, and no "love," "time," "walks," or "affection."  Throw in their vocal feedback system, and they're easier to care for than a houseplant.

But combine cats with another love of engineers, the internet, and it's a thing of beauty.  After seeing an engineer's guide to cats (below) on YouTube and a caption—in characteristically poor English—accompanying a picture of a cat on icanhascheesburger, one can only hope that the architects of the internet knew they were laying the foundation for a medium designed to facilitate the exchange of feline-based comedy.

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