Monday, December 8, 2008


Never watch an action movie with engineers.  They love to explain why an explosion wouldn't really be that big or that computers just can't do magical image processing—always during the action sequence—and ask about key plot elements they missed during said explanations.  But sci-fi is different.  For some reason, in this one genre, engineers are willing to overlook the sounds in space and technobabble in their quest for entertainment.

It's never about the plot or the writing.  Debates over the superiority of favorite franchisees are never over the that, they're over the pseudo-technical filler in each.  It doesn't matter than Star Wars was rethemed children's story with religious overtones intended to sell merchandise, or that Star Trek was a "wagon train to the stars" used to discuss current political issues in analogous circumstances, that just fills up the space between robots, energy shields, and cool guns.  When engineers watch science fiction, they don't just suspend their disbelief and imagine, they imagine they're looking at something they helped create.


David said...

In timing that can only be described as slightly short of genius, a friend just sent me this:

bucketoflulz said...

Doctor Who,

Tom Baker.

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