Friday, October 31, 2008

Sci-Fi Costumes

Happy Halloween!

Engineers are mixed about Halloween. On one hand, it's an excuse for girls to wear less than usual, but on the other, it's a day when engineers have to put effort—even more than with a suit—into what they wear.

Enter Sci-Fi costumes.
They range from simple to intricate, all dependant on the engineer's dedication. If it's costume-required event, don't expect much effort; a quick trip to the costume shop (or the closet in the case of engineers whose grasp on reality is practically fuzzy logic) and the obligation's met. If the costume's optional (this basically means a convention), engineers geek-out and make some amazing creations, ensembles so good they look like they belong in a a Sci-Fi show normal people haven't seen.

Which brings us to common costumes. The staple costumes are from Star Trek and Star Wars. Favorite choices are Star Trek crewmembers, Star Wars Storm Troopers, Darth Vader (a bold choice), and random Jedi (not to be confused with Buddy Christ). Thankfully, these common costumes are some of the most recognizible to the treating public, but there are many more series that only viewers of the SciFi channel know.

If you encounter a vaguely sci-fi character you don't recognize, stay calm. Don't guess and don't comment; just smile and nod.

Storm Trooper photo by oli
Star Trek Engineer photo by Simon Zirkunow

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