Saturday, October 11, 2008

Air shows

In honor of Fleet Week in San Francisco (because what other part of the country has that many engineers?), I give you air shows.

Engineers are used to working in the background--the leeter the engineer, the less visible.  They can't explain what they do to normal people, show off videos of their work, or even describe what they do on a business card.  Air shows, however, let engineers feel like roadies for a band that everyone--moms, grandparents (especially the grandpa that served in WWII), kiddies--loves.  Where else can engineers who create plastics, optimize aerodynamics, program C, or design microcontrollers point their pale arms toward the sky and say "I helped build that!"

So at Stuff Engineers Like, we join former engineer and nerd anti hero Paul Boutin in saying "Yeeeeeeeeeah baby YES WE CAN!!"

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