Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Digital Watches

Every once in a while, when pop culture and cubicle culture intersect, a creation emerges that withstands the test of time like a liberal arts major in calculus—today's stuff: the digital watch.

With synthesizer music all the rage and nifty 4-bit effects plastering cable TV in the novelty decade that was the 80s, the rise of the digital watch was inevitable. Four modes, ten-millisecond accuracy, and an initially-hefty price tag—what’s not to like?

As the fad ticked its way out for pop culture, technology stepped up with even greater badge of geekiness, but the technically-challenged wouldn’t bite; they had traded their neon tees and synthesizers for flannel and old Fenders.

Always practical and oblivious to the change, engineers kept sporting this functional fashion 'till this very day. But now’s no time to trade in the quartz and LCD for the mechanical engineers’ version; if hipsters could bring back thick-rimmed Apollo-13-style glasses, the digital watch might be next.

Just hope they don’t kill the PDA in the process.

Photo by midnightcomm

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