Friday, October 24, 2008


No one better epitomizes the engineer than one man: Woz.  With a list of geek cred longer than his waistline, it's no wonder that engineers love the guy (and the ones that don't are just jealous).  He lives the engineer's dream, learning much on his own, starting at the bottom of a large tech company where his talent got somehow noticed, turned this talent into his own company, and went on to pursue random interests, from music festivals to dating D-list celebrites to Segway Polo.

And he lives the engineer heartbreak: three failed marriages, a former business partner, and an airplane crash, all with the sad backstory of designing computers in hopes of "finding ways to be cool"--engineering himself into the Mac Guy.

Engineers may be short on heroes, but this larger-than-life yet down-to-earth character more than makes up for it.

Photo by RobotSkirts

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