Saturday, February 28, 2009

Ted Dziuba

You may not have heard of Ted Dziuba (say it with me: "Dzeee-ooo-ba"), but it's hard not to appreciate his work.  With inspiring lolcatz-style captions like "All aboard the failcopter," and a catchphase of "FAIL," Ted blogged his way into our hearts at the glorious monument to engineering FAIL that is uncov.

Never mind that his former startup, Pressflip neé persai, isn't worth its hosting bill, Ted stood up against everything the bubble was saying and called out fly-by-night hipster confidence men for peddling dot-com era ideas, only now with Ajax!

Ted stepped into the the dim internet limelight to say what engineers have only said in labs and break rooms, eventually making it to quasi-mainstream news outlets.  For standing up for the principles engineering and translating technical drawbacks to criticism worthy of The Daily Show, Stuff Engineers Like salutes you.

Dziuba's photo shamelessly taken from Facebook.

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